Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Dream

In a deep December slumber
As I rested in my bed
I had a Christmas vision
That awoke inside my head.

There I saw the lowly stable
And the star's glow up above.
I knew that in a manger
I'd find the God of Love.

I fondly gazed upon that manger.
No throne could hold more glory.
My eyes shed such grateful tears
For this precious Christmas story:

That a Heavenly King was born
In flesh to save my soul.
That he who healed the deaf and blind
Would also make me whole.

"My Lord inside a crib of wood,
So tiny and so frail,
You clutch your mother's finger.
That hand will clutch a nail.

You were born and placed on wood.
On wood you'll also die.
Just as you wept upon your birth
On a cross you'll also cry."

I wept and thanked the humble Babe
For all that He would do,
For all the pain He'd suffer
To save and make me new.

My grateful tears ran down my face
As I watched the dream subside.
Then looking from my bed, I saw
My Savior at my side.

Monday, November 30, 2009


Tudo em tua linda terra,
E até o cheiro que está no ar
Me imploram--o filho pródigo--
A voltar e aqui ficar.
Um sentimento sem igual
Me leva a sorrir quando te vejo.
Teu vento me dá um abraço
Teu sol me dá um beijo.
As ondas de tuas praias
Gritam com felicidade.
Tuas árvores me chamam
Pra matar toda a saudade.
Ó bela Pátria! Amada Sogra!
Eu só penso em voltar!
Quero ficar nos teus braços
Tua terra é meu lar.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Call to Nature

Weep with me, heavens, for I am sad.
Let rain join with my tears.
Please, dear ground, bear me up.
As you have throughout the years.
Stars, if you can pierce the clouds,
Please give me hope and light.
Trees that stand erect and strong,
Please point me to the right.
The night is dark and taunting me.
The dawn obscures its face.
Sun, race to meet me at the morn!
Take me in your embrace!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Haunting Regret

I toss. I turn. I wrap myself
In my blankets, then kick them away.
I check my alarm clock in agony.
Only three hours 'til day.

I run my fingers through my hair,
My shoulders quivering in sweat.
A trail of tears descends my cheek.
The pain is real-the pain of regret!

The images I see at night,
The faces I see in the day,
The words that pierce like a knife-
The words that I never could say

They are haunting me! Stalking me!
There to terrorize me in the night!
Choking me! They're drowning me!
I can't erase them from my sight!

During the day I push it aside,
But the memory burns in my mind.
At every corner it haunts me.
I'd see it if I were blind!

As night approaches, I cringe inside
Knowing that the nightmare awaits me.
My pillow is cold, my blankets chill
Tell me! Will I ever be free?

The images materialize in the dark.
Looking at me with accusing eyes.
"LEAVE ME ALONE!" I scream.
But the past never really dies.

They close in, suffocating me
Leaving me with nowhere to hide.
The saddest emotion is not the guilt,
But the regret born from my pride.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Friendship Legacy

I think back when we both were ten
How our friendship grew so fast
After our long years as friends
These memories still last.
Remember all the time we spent
Together and apart?
To think it's when we learned to swim
Our friendship got its start.

Recall that day I gave away
Half my Legos, all to you.
After that there was so much
We both as friends would do:
The figures we threw off the stairs,
The Nintendo games we played,
The TV shows we laughed at,
The movies that we made...

This legacy of you and me
And all our time together
Always shall be dear to me.
It will last forever

Your family'd take us on the lake.
We loved to read and write..
Plus that time when on a ranch
We got to spend the night.
We played with Legos at the church
On weeknights our moms met.
The robbers and the rangers
I never can forget.

I felt bereft the time I left
To a state so far away.
But still we had our summers
We'd visit and still play.
I can’t deny that EFY
Was better than we’d planned.
And how I loved it when your dad
Took us to Disneyland!

This legacy of you and me
And all our time together
Always shall be dear to me
It will last forever.

At one again when you began
Attending BYU.
With so much time together
Yet so much more to do.
We soon began Tradition Night
With pizza, shakes, and shows
And then there was the music
We loved that no one knows.

We wrote so much to keep in touch
On Preparation Day.
Our missions brought us closer
Though we served far away.
We did new things when we came home
Like the concerts near and far,
Or else when we were roommates
Or lost while in my car.

This legacy of you and me
And all our time together
Always shall be dear to me
It will last forever.

This legacy of you and me
Is cherished in my heart.
Our friendship can’t be broken
Even when we part.
Graduation’s up ahead
Our paths are unforetold.
But I still have a feeling
We’ll be friends when we’re old.

This legacy of you and me
And all our time together
Always shall be dear to me
It will last forever.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Race

I'm in a race across the sea
In my boat with motor roaring.
I'm determined to win the race
As across the waves I'm soaring.

I never look behind me once
To see if I'm in the lead.
I only care what lies ahead,
For my goal is to succeed.

Racing through that open sea,
I see the dark clouds growing.
The shrouded sky erupts a roar
And soon with lightening's glowing.

The piercing, howling wind grows strong
And it cuts into my face.
But though the waves may crush me,
I still must win this race!

Then with a crash my boat is smashed!
The splinters litter the sea
And I am plunged near thirty feet.
But that can't hinder me!

I fight my way with my lungs burning
Till I break into the thunder.
I breathe in deep the stormy air
But a wave then knocks me under.

I fight for breath, the race forgotten
I'm just trying to survive.
I breath in air, but water too.
Can I escape from this alive?

My arms are tiring with each stroke,
While the waves still drag me down.
I cannot win against this storm.
I'll just give up and drown.

But as I sink beneath the waves,
Succumbing in that hour,
I think beyond that awful storm
To a Source of higher power.

"Oh, God!" I cry, "Please save my soul!
Or else these waves will kill!"
The storm begins to calm at once
And soon the sea is still.

The storm is gone, I drift alone,
But still so far from shore.
Then I hear a wondrous sound:
The movement of an oar!

The Lord has sent a boat to me
With my family rowing fast.
My friends reach out and pull me in
Then we reach the shore at last.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Doors of Opportunity

There is a room that's full of doors
I think you know it well.
We all are born inside this room,
This hollow, empty shell.

Nobody wants to stay inside
For one door calls our name.
But how can we find that one door?
For they all look the same.

I've tried so many in my life.
Some felt right, the rest felt wrong.
The roads behind each door would teach
Some lessons short, some lessons long.

But somehow to this point in time
Each road has led me back
Into this room with many doors
To start another track.

How can we hope to find that door
When hundreds fill the room?
How can we tell which door is right
Amidst this awful gloom?

I can't afford to make mistakes.
My life begins to fade.
Before my time is spent and gone,
The right choice must be made.

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Just a small town in Ohio,
Hardly noticed by the world.
No mortal man could understand
What light would be unfurled.

The people here are searching
For the truth from up above.
And every day they plead and pray
That God would show His love.

And God in His great mercy
Sent His servants with His word.
No one can tell what joy was felt
When they saw their prayers were heard.

In a city called Kirtland
The veil of doubt was torn!
In a city called Kirtland,
Thousands were reborn!

Like a rush of mighty waters
Breaking through a dam,
The Lord poured revelation
Upon this spot of land!

In a city called Kirtland
Lived a prophet of the Lord!
In a city called Kirtland
Pure truth was restored!

No more lost in shadows,
God's light was plain for all to see!

Just a small town in Ohio,
But the people's prayers were heard.
It all began when just four men
Came to teach God's word.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

My Precious Flag

When I see her hoisted on a pole
My eyes quickly fill with tears.
This banner with its stars and stripes
Has long waved through the years.

Do not mock me that I cry,
For do you not understand?
That banner is much more than cloth--
It represents my land!

See those stars, those 50 stars?
They're 50 states united!
Never has a star been lost!
They've never been divided!

I think back on the moment when
There were 13 stars--no more.
When this precious flag was born
The country was at war.

But love for liberty prevailed!
How I wish that I could see
That day when it first flew o'er
The land of the brave and free!

This flag has seen so many wars
With bombs bursting all around.
But just like Key, we all can see
Each morn that flag's still found.

The white stripes ever shall be pure
And the red stripes never dim.
We persevere with help from God
For we rely on Him.

And so with tears, I touch my heart
As I see the banner soar.
I pray that God will bless this flag.
May it wave forevermore!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Mankind's Search

We all are searching
From the day we came on earth.
Searching, seeking, exploring
The reason for our birth.

Yes, I think it's universal.
I doubt I'm the only one
Who's looking for fulfillment
Before my life is done.

Each time I find happiness
It seems to never last.
For a moment I'm content,
But that moment goes too fast.

Then the master trickster,
Who hides his hate and rage,
Tricks us with false pleasure
And traps us in a cage.

Wand'ring blindly, still we search
Trying everything that's new
But always feeling empty
Without the joy that's true.

How is it that we're stumbling?
How is it we've lost sight?
Why do we search in darkness
While before us there's a light?

Stop searching in the gutter!
The trash can't make you whole.
There's only one true source
That has pow'r to heal your soul.

I know the source of light and joy.
I know that it's the only one.
Now I can rest in peace, content.
My search at last is done.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Name Tag

While looking for a matching sock
In the bottom of my drawer,
I came across my old name tag,
Then sat down on the floor.

I traced the letters of each word
With my finger as I thought
Of that first day I put it on.
What joy that day had brought!

I was so eager to go forth
And to preach the Gospel true.
There was no door I would not knock,
And nothing I'd not do.

Each morning when I put it on
I would smile at its shine.
My name tag was a symbol of
The calling that was mine.

When I came home so many nights,
I took off my tag, content.
I felt such joy as I had watched
The ones I taught repent.

But there were days I came back home
And took off that tag and sighed.
When people that I learned to love
Gave up, I often cried.

That name tag sat close to my heart
As I watched a change take hold,
Not only in the ones I taught,
But also in my soul.

I wore it to each baptism
And I wore it on each street.
I wore it as I served the Lord
And all whom I did meet.

I never can forget the day
When I took it off for good.
I sobbed as I was being released
More than I thought I would.

These memories came back to me
Of the tag I used to wear.
Once more I held it to my heart,
Then placed it back with care.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Alma's Prayer

O Father, hear Thy servant’s prayer
Thou hast placed a fam’ly in my care
I’ve done my best to teach Thy precious truth
I’ve taught my sons while in their early youth

Then Lord, what sorrow fills my heart
When I see my precious son depart
From all I’ve taught and wanted him to be
O Lord, I beg, please hear and answer me

I have taught him, I have warned
But in turn I’m only scorned
And he flees from home and all we have to give
So I come to Thee today
And with fervent heart I pray
May Thy Spirit touch my son that he may live

O Father, wise and great Thou art
At this moment canst Thou see my heart?
I’ve tried my best and don’t know what to do
O Lord, please help – for he is Thy son too

Right now he’s far away from home
And while he’s gone I feel so all alone
I have no pow’r to save my wand’ring son
But pow’r Thou hast through the Anointed One

Send Thy Spirit, Lord I pray
Help my son to see the way
Let the words I’ve taught sink deep into his heart
Help him know Thy words are true
Help him come Thy love to view
Lord, a portion of Thy love to him impart

O Father, now I close this prayer
And I trust my son into Thy care
I feel so weak and I can do no more
But trust in Thee and Thy sweet aid implore

And through the faith I have in Thee
I know my son will be brought home to me
Because I trust in Thy redeeming pow’r
That it can save my son in this dark hour

Lord, Thou knowest what I need
And on bended knee I plead
Take my son into Thy constant, loving care
I will love him, I will pray
Father, watch him every day
Hear Thy humble servant’s heartfelt, earnest prayer

I will love him, I will pray
Father, watch him every day
I will trust my son into Thy loving care

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Splash Mountain

Up a track, down a track
And getting slightly wet.
While leaning back, I look around
To see the southern set.

Down I go, gripping tight
Right after Brer Bear's cave.
The critters ask, "How d'ya do?"
For that's how they behave.

"Pretty good, sho's yer born,"
The critters answer back.
Brer Rabbit's nailed his door up tight;
He's gone and packed his sack.

Buzzing loud, bees fly high.
With smiles on ev'ry face,
The critters laugh here all day long
'Cause it's the Laughing Place!

But Brer Fox and Brer Bear
Are laughing loudly too.
They've got Brer Rabbit trapped and stuck
To make him rabbit stew.

"Please!" he cries. "Let me go!"
But vultures overhead
Imply, as I ascend a hill,
That he will soon be dead.

At the top, looking down,
The ride begins to slow.
The camera captures all my fright,
Then down the drop I go.

Down I plunge fifty feet!
I'm soaked by that steep dive!
But, "Zip-a-dee-do-dah!" I sing.
The thrill of being alive!

Now it's done. I get off.
What fun that ride had been!
Then eagerly I get in line
To ride the ride again.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Born Again

A spirit enters through the womb
Where, immersed, the new babe lies.
Then, drenched in blood, the babe is born.
It takes a breath and cries.

Such was my birth, like all the rest.
But I mourn that first-time breath,
For dare I say I had gained life?
No, I was born to death.

This world of sin and greed and lust
Has cut off all hope of life.
I'm left to wander in the dark
And swim through all my strife.

But then I learn about the Lord,
How He offers life that's new.
I look to Him with all my heart
And ask what I must do.

I exercise my faith in Him
And repent of all my sins.
I pledge to serve Him faithfully.
Now my new life begins.

The Spirit enters in my heart.
I'm immersed in water deep.
The Savior's blood has cleansed my soul.
With utmost joy, I weep.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Miracle at Bountiful

I. The Voice

Close to the temple, kneeling with friends
Light makes my eyes squint. The darkness ends.
Three days of tormet, anguish and death
Finally has ended. I catch my breath.
I heard God's voice above
Telling me of His love.

My legs are broken, crushed by a stone
Thrown by the wind storm, smashing each bone.
Though I am bandaged, I'll never walk.
So I am resting here on this rock.
I hear a voice above
And I can feel God's love.

Twice now it's spoken. I strain my ears,
Looking towards Heaven. Someone appears!
Now is the voice clear, announcing the Son
Loved of the Father, the Holy One
Coming down from above,
Bringing to us God's love.

II. Crippled

Now he calls the people to come feel his side,
Hands, and feet to know it's He that died.
Inside my heart sinks as my mind thinks
That chance can't be mine. I can't get in line,
Not while in this crippled state.

III. His Teachings

Still I shout "Hosana!" with the rest
For just to have the Savior near
Makes me feel overcome with gladness.
And down my cheek there trickles a tear.

Now he speaks to us of His new law
And how to live the life He led,
Teaching the works that we must each do daily
Asking us each to tread as He tread.

After teaching us the words of life
And calling us His other sheep,
Our Savior tells us that He must now leave us.
Hearing these words, I can't help but weep.

Then I see my Savior look at me
And in His eyes I see my tears.
Then He proclaims that He's filled with compassion
And then He bids the lame be brought near.

IV. The Healing

My friends approach to take me there,
Leading me gently to His care.
When I'm set down, I flinch in pain.
But I look up at He who was slain.
His hands reach down, I clasp them tight,
Feeling the nail prints, sensing His might.

Speaking so soft, holding my hand,
He lifts me up, helps me to stand.
"Rise up and walk," He says to me.
But then I fall down on my knees.
Weeping for joy, kissing His feet.
Here, with my Savior, I feel complete.

He pulls me up, I see His face.
He holds me close in an embrace.
I feel His love and my heart throbs.
"Thank you," I gasp in-between sobs.
He's come with healing in His wings!
This is my Savior! This is my King!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

My Life is a Match

My life is a match, recently lit
With potential ever so bold.
I can become a forest fire
So glorious to behold,
Or I can light a candle
To guide you all about.
But I must decide quickly
Or soon I'll be burned out.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Innocence vs. Experience

A little lamb that’s blessed by God
Meanders by a shaded boy.
The church rings out with singing
And children’s souls feel joy.

But then a tiger burning bright
Devours the child as he cries.
The church is filled with orphans.
The chim’ney sweeper dies.

While innocence is on one hand,
Experience seems much more real.
For life is never simple.
Some wounds will never heal.

But innocence is not the same
As ignorance’s hollow shell.
For though there is a Tiger,
There’s still a Lamb as well.

The man who only sees the worst
Is ignorant—more than the rest.
Denying all life’s goodness,
He misses what is best.

There is no need to lose our faith
For soon an angel with a key
Will lock away our trials
And set our spirits free.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Lifeline

The dream I had was pleasant:
I was sailing on the sea.
But then my ship was sinking
And the water covered me.

"Wake up" I heard a voice say.
But being tired, I was slow.
I did not know my danger
As my eyelids drooped so low.

But when awake I panicked.
I was sinking in the sand!
My legs and waist were hidden
And I fought to free my hands.

Asleep, I did not notice
I was sinking way too fast.
But now my life was ending
And each breath could be my last.

But then I saw a lifeline!
I reached out to grab the rope.
I clutched it, holding tightly,
Knowing it was my last hope.

My freedom wasn't easy,
But at last I found dry ground.
If that rope had not been there,
Then I know I would have drowned.

I looked back at my lifeline,
Giving thanks with ev'ry breath
For he who'd placed the rope there
And had rescued me from death.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Wishmaster

I am the Wishmaster.
What do you wish for?

This is my purpose, why I'm alive:
To go about making your smallest dream thrive.
If you are dreamless, you'll dream again
For I can perceive there's a dream in all men.

I am the Wishmaster.
What do you wish for?

Yes, I can see it--re-live the past.
You wish to hold onto a time that can't last.
I'll catch that moment, it won't take long
I'll write it or paint it or put it in song.

I am the Wishmaster.
What do you wish for?

Is there an object which you desire?
Then here is my money as fuel for your fire.
Music, books, movies, even a toy--
I'll do all I can to ensure you feel joy.

But then, after my day's work is done,
I find myself in my room at night, alone.
Though I've spent all day granting wishes,
The one wish I can't grant is my own.

There, in my silent isolation,
I pull out a box that's hidden from view.
Inside, like broken glass, are fragments:
Shattered dreams that never came true.

I keep each piece with delicate care
For though ruined, these dreams are my soul
Each shard has a story, is part of me,
Each little ambition, each little goal.

If only these pieces could reunite
And these broken dreams be repaired!
Such is my wish, but no one grants it.
No one has seen it. No one has cared.

I am the Wishmaster.
What do you wish for?

Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Flaxen Cord

You can hardly tells it's there,
It's such a little thread.
But wrapped around a hundred times,
It soon will leave you dead.
Break it quick and it will snap
Quite easily, you'll find.

But let it wrap around your neck
And you'll be in a bind.
In panic you discover
In truth, all is not well.
You've hanged yourself with Satan's lies

And sent yourself to Hell.

Sunday, February 8, 2009


From the time when I was young
A desire burned within
To always be obedient
And never, ever sin.

Eagerly I drank the truth
Wherever it was found
Until I thought that I was better
Than everyone around.

I'm sad to say I let my pride
Raise me higher than the rest.
I rashly judged and scorned good men
Since I thought I was best.

A fool I was to think these things!
For while doing these sad acts,
He whom I thought I was serving
Did stop me in my tracks.

Oh, what guilt! The bitter shame
I felt in that dark hour!
But Jesus showed His love for me
And healed me with His power.

I swore that day to serve my Lord.
To Him my life I'd give.
But this time I would teach His way
And live as He would live.

But still I had my weakness:
In my flesh there was a spine.
This thorn hurt and made me stumble.
I wished it wasn't mine.

I implored the Lord three times
To take this thorn away.
But then I heard the Spirit whisper
This weakness had to stay.

To keep me from becoming prideful,
Which ruined me before,
This weakness had been given me
To humble me some more.

It broke my heart to hear this news.
I want to do what's right!
Then the Lord wrapped me in comfort,
Embracing me in light.

"Your weakness can become a strength
By virtue of my grace.
Through me you can overcome it
And again behold my face."

His grace! His loving grace
That saved me in the past!
Although all else should pass away
His mercy still would last!

This revelation brought me hope
And I ceased to make complaints.
Inspired by the Savior's love,
I wrote to all the saints.

I told them that they must have faith
Or their works would come to nought.
I emphasized the Savior's grace
To everyone I taught.

And so I finished out my course
Through the power of God's Son.
And now I go to meet my Lord.
I fought the fight and won.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Ode to Higher Education

Soon I'll walk across the stage
And my time here will be through.
Dear college, here I write an ode
To try describing you:

Thief! Hypocrite!
Disgrace to all who yearn
To have their minds enlightened.
Through you, what will we learn?

You tell us that we are required
To learn science, math, and art.
But you don't try to teach your students,
You weed them out before they start!

Did we not come here to learn?
Do we not pay thousands yearly?
Why then try to make us fail?
You've hurt your cause quite dearly.

You lay on us a heavy load
"It's three credits!" you proclaim
So instead of learning what we should
We play the hoop-jump game.

If all I wanted was to learn
To jump through hoops so small
Then I would have just joined the circus
And not bothered you at all!

And did I want to read the filth
You classified as art?
You degraded me in mind!
You polluted me in heart!

I hate it when you laugh and mock
Those not as smart as you.
Stop laughing! Start teaching!
That's what you're meant to do!

Thank goodness for the precious few
Who taught because they cared.
I must admit I'll miss each one
And the lessons that they shared.

As for the rest, goodbye!
I wish you could return
The time and funds I wasted
While I had hoped to learn.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Temple Walls

When we heard the revelation
We were eager to begin
To build a temple for our God,
A place to worship in.

I was called to cut through stone,
Giving all my strength and sweat.
We sacrificed our greatest goods
Although we were in debt.

But as the walls began to form
And I saw the temple's height,
I thought there must be some mistake
Because to me it wasn't right.

Now, don't think I'm complaining,
I just don't understand
Why, if we're in poverty,
Must the temple be so grand?

I never questioned this aloud,
But kept working in the heat
And built those massive temple walls
'Til the building was complete.

I went to the dedication
Within those walls so high
And as I looked up at the ceiling
Again I wondered why.

Then suddenly I felt a wind
That set me on my feet.
And as I sang the hymns of Zion
I heard a sound so sweet.

The angels joined us in our praise!
Though I didn't see a thing,
I could feel them all around me
Singing to our King!

Then instantly I knew the answer
Why there was so much space.
We needed room for all the angels
To join us in this place.

It was only then I realized
How much this place was worth.
This was truly God's own House,
A heaven here on earth.

When I now think of those walls
Which I once thought so absurd
I always think of their true purpose
And the angels that I heard.

Sunday, January 25, 2009


The preacher's words burned deep inside
As I listened to each sound.
He taught that families are eternal.
I rejoiced in what I found.

I rushed up to the men from God
And asked what I must do
To have this gift they promised me,
For I believed their words were true.

"You must be baptized," said the men,
"And receive the Holy Ghost.
We'll then seal you eternally
To the ones you love the most."

My spirits fell, I shed a tear,
For this gift could not be mine.
I could never be baptized.
I died in 1469.

"But there is hope," they said to me,
"If you believe our words are true.
In the temple, down on earth,
They can do this work for you."

With tears of joy I searched the earth
For a descendent who would go
To the temple with my name.
How my gratitude would show!

But I could not find anyone
Who would give some time for me.
They were so busy with their lives
That they couldn't hear my plea.

They used their cars to drive around
When on-line, they played a game.
But they would not drive to the temple,
Nor try to find my name.

Oh, mortal children, don't you know
How those things don't matter here?
I'm all alone and wait for you
To unite my family dear.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Summertime Youth

I wake in the morning to see the sunlight
Greeting me warmly on my still sleepy face.
I yawn and think of the things I'll do today.
Then I jump out of bed and race
To get dressed. There's so much to do!
Before I go outside my mom wants to read
The scriptures with us and sing some songs.
Then I'm out! The first thing that I need
To do is find the genie's magic lamp,
Stolen and hidden by thieves long ago.
My imagination takes me to Neverland,
Then Narnia, meanwhile defeating every foe.
After lunch my friend across the street
Comes to play. We try to reach the sky
While swinging on her swingset.
Then we count to three and jump and fly.
Later we run through the sprinkler.
I feel the cool water prick my warm skin
And stop only to hear the ice cream truck.
Then I run through the sprinkler again.
When my friend goes home I go inside.
"Mom, can I have a popsicle?" "Please?"
She reminds me. I reach into the cold freezer
Then I walk back outside where the bees
Are humming in the bright flowerbeds.
I grab my Legos left on the lawn
And place them in that miniature jungle -
Of course, once the bees are gone.
After dinner I grip the rubber handle
Of a baseball bat, with my dad two yards away.
He never lets me strike out. I run!
Baseball is such a fun game to play!
Later my siblings and I all play tag.
My brother's the best. He always wins.
TV tag, freeze tag, or just Hide 'n' Seek.
I count twenty, then the seeking begins.
We play until twilight brings the stars.
Venus is the first to take its normal place
In the sky. As I gaze at the stars I dream
Of one day being an astronaut in space.
With my dad at home, we read again
From the scriptures. I always choose
To sit where I can read the last verse.
It's a game I rarely lose.
When we get to bed my brother whispers,
"Scratch my back and I'll scratch yours."
"Ok!" I take of my shirt. He does the same.
Then across his back my hand soars.
When it's my turn, I feel his hand glide
Across my cool skin. Lying there, it seems
I'm soaring on the cool night's breeze.
I feel content. Just like in my dreams.
As I get back in my bed my mind is filled
With the things I want to do and play.
Ah! Summer! I love being young!
And tomorrow's a brand new day...

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Imagine Being the Angel

Imagine being the angel
That was sent by God's own word
To go unto Gethsemane
And comfort our dear Lord.
You come into the garden
And the Savior comes to view
And you realize when you see Him,
He's suffering here for you.

Oh, how you'd hurry to Him
And try to hush His fears!
You'd feel each cringe and shudder
You'd cry to see His tears.
Imagine seeing that precious blood,
The price to save your soul.
How much tighter you'd embrace Him
As He paid sin's heavy toll!

You'd feel so helpless as you hold Him
Since there's nothing you can do
But when the suff'ring's finally ended,
You'd sob, and whisper: "Thank you."
And then you'd have to leave Him
On the morrow He'll appear
And be with you in Paradise,
Triumphant Savior, dear.

Imagine being that angel
When you're sent to go and preach
To the spirits lost in darkness.
How differently you'd teach!
You'd bear your solemn witness
Of the Savior's love for men
You'd work all day with all your might
Till you embrace Him once again.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Separation of Church and State

This, our nation built on . . . beliefs,
Bought by blood of . . . -fearing, . . . men,
Saved by grace of the . . . ,
Changes its nature from what it was then.

All men are endowed by their . . .
This be our motto: In . . . is our trust
That this nation, under . . . perish not
One nation under . . . undivided
Thou shalt have no other gods before . . .
Thou shalt not profane the name of thy . . .

. . . be with us yet,
Lest we forget.

Forget what?

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Stone Rolls On

The stone goes forth along its path
Growing larger as it rolls
Its Maker is the Lord of all
Its purpose: to save souls

We push the stone along its course
And a prophet leads us on
We follow him with eager haste
Then in a flash, he's gone

Our Master called him back to push
The stone behind the veil
But Jesus won't abandon us
His work will never fail

He's raised another prophet up
To lead us towards the dawn
We follow him with eager haste
And still the stone rolls on.

Thursday, January 1, 2009


Joy of children, terror of drivers
Blanket of calm, sheet of fright
Slick for sledding, slick for crashing
Shines in the day, hidden by night
Fun results, tragic results
Perspective changes it all.