Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Race

I'm in a race across the sea
In my boat with motor roaring.
I'm determined to win the race
As across the waves I'm soaring.

I never look behind me once
To see if I'm in the lead.
I only care what lies ahead,
For my goal is to succeed.

Racing through that open sea,
I see the dark clouds growing.
The shrouded sky erupts a roar
And soon with lightening's glowing.

The piercing, howling wind grows strong
And it cuts into my face.
But though the waves may crush me,
I still must win this race!

Then with a crash my boat is smashed!
The splinters litter the sea
And I am plunged near thirty feet.
But that can't hinder me!

I fight my way with my lungs burning
Till I break into the thunder.
I breathe in deep the stormy air
But a wave then knocks me under.

I fight for breath, the race forgotten
I'm just trying to survive.
I breath in air, but water too.
Can I escape from this alive?

My arms are tiring with each stroke,
While the waves still drag me down.
I cannot win against this storm.
I'll just give up and drown.

But as I sink beneath the waves,
Succumbing in that hour,
I think beyond that awful storm
To a Source of higher power.

"Oh, God!" I cry, "Please save my soul!
Or else these waves will kill!"
The storm begins to calm at once
And soon the sea is still.

The storm is gone, I drift alone,
But still so far from shore.
Then I hear a wondrous sound:
The movement of an oar!

The Lord has sent a boat to me
With my family rowing fast.
My friends reach out and pull me in
Then we reach the shore at last.