Sunday, May 2, 2010

In the Light

The mist wraps around my feet
And the darkness dims my eyes.
I try to shout against the storm
But the fog hushes my cries.

Can't anybody see the darkness growing?
It seeps into our homes and leaves us blind!
What should be our haven is our war front!
There must be a refuge I can find.

We accept the world and what it offers;
In turn, we're left with heartache and deep strife.
Violence and evil flood against us.
But wait! I've found guidance for my life!

In the light of the Savior I feel free
There I know who I am and why I'm here.
In the light, the world seems different to me
And my purpose, my goal, it seems so clear.

In the light when I pray I feel God's love.
When I read His words, there's a message for me.
When I serve, then I feel my love reborn.
Where I was blind, now I clearly see.

In the dark, you are always left alone.
If you fail, you're abandoned and lost.
In the light, there is hope in the air
For Jesus Christ has paid the cost.

When I feel weighed down, a voice in my soul
Tells me, "Come unto me and I'll give you rest."
My burden lifts, the Lord makes it light
And gives me strength to overcome each test.

And when I'm in the light, I see in the dark
All the broken souls who can't tell where they are.
So I carry the light to each person in need.
I become to them a shining, valiant star.

And I say, "In the light you will find joy,
So step out of the mist and let light fill your soul,
For the Savior can heal you of all your hurt.
Come to Him; I assure He'll make you whole."

If you're out there in darkness, weighed down by grief,
Or if addiction holds you tight by the throat,
If despair sets in, if you struggle with sin,
The light of Christ will keep you afloat.

Step out of the darkness! Come into the light!
There's no story nor song worth holding you back!
Let the light flood your soul till the darkness is gone.
If you have God's light in you, there's nothing you lack.

I have faith that one day I will come Home
Where forever I'll rest and peace will prevail.
And I hope I may be pure on that day
When the hand of Christ takes me through the veil.