Sunday, April 26, 2009

Born Again

A spirit enters through the womb
Where, immersed, the new babe lies.
Then, drenched in blood, the babe is born.
It takes a breath and cries.

Such was my birth, like all the rest.
But I mourn that first-time breath,
For dare I say I had gained life?
No, I was born to death.

This world of sin and greed and lust
Has cut off all hope of life.
I'm left to wander in the dark
And swim through all my strife.

But then I learn about the Lord,
How He offers life that's new.
I look to Him with all my heart
And ask what I must do.

I exercise my faith in Him
And repent of all my sins.
I pledge to serve Him faithfully.
Now my new life begins.

The Spirit enters in my heart.
I'm immersed in water deep.
The Savior's blood has cleansed my soul.
With utmost joy, I weep.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Miracle at Bountiful

I. The Voice

Close to the temple, kneeling with friends
Light makes my eyes squint. The darkness ends.
Three days of tormet, anguish and death
Finally has ended. I catch my breath.
I heard God's voice above
Telling me of His love.

My legs are broken, crushed by a stone
Thrown by the wind storm, smashing each bone.
Though I am bandaged, I'll never walk.
So I am resting here on this rock.
I hear a voice above
And I can feel God's love.

Twice now it's spoken. I strain my ears,
Looking towards Heaven. Someone appears!
Now is the voice clear, announcing the Son
Loved of the Father, the Holy One
Coming down from above,
Bringing to us God's love.

II. Crippled

Now he calls the people to come feel his side,
Hands, and feet to know it's He that died.
Inside my heart sinks as my mind thinks
That chance can't be mine. I can't get in line,
Not while in this crippled state.

III. His Teachings

Still I shout "Hosana!" with the rest
For just to have the Savior near
Makes me feel overcome with gladness.
And down my cheek there trickles a tear.

Now he speaks to us of His new law
And how to live the life He led,
Teaching the works that we must each do daily
Asking us each to tread as He tread.

After teaching us the words of life
And calling us His other sheep,
Our Savior tells us that He must now leave us.
Hearing these words, I can't help but weep.

Then I see my Savior look at me
And in His eyes I see my tears.
Then He proclaims that He's filled with compassion
And then He bids the lame be brought near.

IV. The Healing

My friends approach to take me there,
Leading me gently to His care.
When I'm set down, I flinch in pain.
But I look up at He who was slain.
His hands reach down, I clasp them tight,
Feeling the nail prints, sensing His might.

Speaking so soft, holding my hand,
He lifts me up, helps me to stand.
"Rise up and walk," He says to me.
But then I fall down on my knees.
Weeping for joy, kissing His feet.
Here, with my Savior, I feel complete.

He pulls me up, I see His face.
He holds me close in an embrace.
I feel His love and my heart throbs.
"Thank you," I gasp in-between sobs.
He's come with healing in His wings!
This is my Savior! This is my King!