Sunday, August 28, 2016

My Covenant

When the righteous path seems hard
But the wicked paths all don't,
I'll pass by the easy roads
And firmly say, "I won't!"

When the wicked seem to thrive
While the righteous people don't,
I'll ignore the false allure
And firmly say, "I won't!"

When I'm tempted by the world
To do the things I don't,
I'll resist the pleasure life
And firmly say, "I won't!"

I won't be swayed by these things.
In the fiercest storm I'm still.
Because when Christ said, "Follow me,"
I firmly said, "I will!"

Thursday, September 8, 2011

My Constant

As I have struggled through countless trials
Thinking I'd lose it all,
You've been my constant and my best friend
Ready to catch me when I fall.
Just like the time when I lost my close friends
Hurting right to the core,
You came on wings of healing friendship
With loyalty forevermore.
The only reason I am here at all
Is because you keep me standing tall.

Life is a long, hard journey
But you help see me through!
You're with me on this journey
And let me lean on you.
When dark clouds are threatening
And my world seems to turn black,
You are still there, my constant,
The wind at my back!

Lost on life's sea with no direction
Knowing not where to turn,
You are my constant shining north star
Fixed in one place you always burn.
You do not change if we're close together
Or if we are far apart.
We have a bond that can't be broken.
We are both linked inside our hearts.
And now all that I really want to say,
Is, "Thanks for being my friend today!"

Life is a long, hard journey
But you help see me through!
You're with me on this journey
And let me lean on you.
When dark clouds are threatening
And my world seems to turn black,
You are still there, my constant,
The wind at my back!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Perfectly Disjointed

Faces on the photograph are strange.
All are smiling in the endless sunshine,
No sense of future sorrows.
Perfectly together they're all joined,
All for one and one for all's their motto.
They're dreaming of tomorrows.

That was then, but this is now, it seems.
Grain by grain the time has passed us slowly
And slowly we were struck blind.
Thought by thought and word by word we changed.
Hostile words slew gentle words and acts soon followed.
Caught unaware, our progress declined.

Division multiplies and adds more strife
'Til I'm torn and feel like I am empty--
Nothing but a hollow frame.
As I look and see what we've become,
A tear creeps out my eye as I wonder
If things will ever be the same.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

For Cindy

Every time we see
A young and happy child,
We will always think of you
And always see your smile.
The children were your joy.
Oh, how you loved them so!
So we will also love them
And radiate your glow.

We will hold on to your mem’ry.
We will keep it burning bright.
We will keep you with us,
Though you’re gone from our sight.

In each thing we do
We won’t be far apart
For when we are together,
We’ll keep you in our hearts.
We never can forget
The time we got to share,
We’ll always stay united
And always show we care.

Though you’ve passed beyond our vision,
In our hearts you’re still alive.
For there we keep a shrine for you,
Where our love will always thrive.

Cindy, mother, aunt,
Daughter, sister, friend,
We will always honor you,
And your memory defend.
We’ll give as you gave,
We’ll help each one in need
To show how much you blessed us
In thought and word and deed.

No, we never will forget you;
Nor the person that you’ve been.
We’ll keep alive your goodness
‘Til we see you once again.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Diverging Roads

When I left you, I had told you
I’d return soon and I’d be true.
And as time passed, hope would still last
That my road would lead back to you soon.
From afar off I would miss you
And I’d long to just be near you.
And I waited, anticipated,
While I’d gaze and I’d sigh at the moon.

But despite what I said,
I chose something instead
That took me much farther from you.
Though you’re still on my mind
In deep anguish I find
My life took a turn and despite what I yearn,
The promise I made can’t come true!

Is this it, then? Must I leave you?
It’s the hardest thing I must do!
I will treasure our time together
And the place that you have in my heart.
In the silence I am crying
While my heart is still denying
Our dream must die as life goes by
And our paths are now doomed to depart.

Though it tears me inside,
These paths can’t coincide
And so I must leave on my way.
Still I pray you’ll forgive
And as long as you live
You’ll never forget our sweetest duet.
For I shall still sing it each day.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Last Words

The last words that I said to you
I confess were rather mean.
I know I could have been more gentle
As I think about that scene.

I thought those words were nothing,
That you'd forget them very soon.
I assumed they'd be forgotten
By the next day's afternoon.

Oh, what I stupid fool I am!
If I had only known
That night you would be taken
And I'd be left alone!

If I had known you'd pass away
Before you went to bed that night
I would have whispered, "I love you"
And hugged you extra tight.

The last words that I'd say to you
If I had been prepared,
Would be, "I am so proud of you."
Or I'd relive the times we shared.

My last words perhaps would be,
"I'm very pleased with who you are,"
Or, "I'm thankful you are in my life."
Or, "Sleep well, my shining star."

But my last words were not so sweet.
They were cutting, harsh, and snide.
My last words you ever heard
Were spoken out of pride.

And now I'm left to weep and wail
For I can't talk to you again
And the last words I ever said
Are a reminder of my pain.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Child's Dream

A little boy watched the news
Then, terrified, went to bed.
And though he shut his eyes,
He saw wars inside his head.
He saw the hatred in men's eyes
He heard the people scream.
And as he tried to drown the sight
The boy began to dream.

He sat next to a waterfall
That formed a crystal pool
And people came from all around
As the air began to cool.
Each person dressed so differently
With eyes, hair, and skin diverse
But they all seemed to get along
And started to converse.

A feast was spread for all to eat
And the boy rushed to attend
No passports were required
For here each was a friend.
Their languages were different,
But their smiles were the same.
The laughter was contagious
For all of those who came.

After eating they played games
As their cultures were entwined.
The boy began to see the good
That lives in all mankind.
At last the people walked away,
They hugged and said goodbye.
The boy awoke, still in his bed.
Then smiling, gave a sigh.

The news no longer scared him,
There was something more to men.
And this boy just could not wait
To dream that dream again.