Sunday, August 2, 2009

Doors of Opportunity

There is a room that's full of doors
I think you know it well.
We all are born inside this room,
This hollow, empty shell.

Nobody wants to stay inside
For one door calls our name.
But how can we find that one door?
For they all look the same.

I've tried so many in my life.
Some felt right, the rest felt wrong.
The roads behind each door would teach
Some lessons short, some lessons long.

But somehow to this point in time
Each road has led me back
Into this room with many doors
To start another track.

How can we hope to find that door
When hundreds fill the room?
How can we tell which door is right
Amidst this awful gloom?

I can't afford to make mistakes.
My life begins to fade.
Before my time is spent and gone,
The right choice must be made.