Monday, November 30, 2009


Tudo em tua linda terra,
E até o cheiro que está no ar
Me imploram--o filho pródigo--
A voltar e aqui ficar.
Um sentimento sem igual
Me leva a sorrir quando te vejo.
Teu vento me dá um abraço
Teu sol me dá um beijo.
As ondas de tuas praias
Gritam com felicidade.
Tuas árvores me chamam
Pra matar toda a saudade.
Ó bela Pátria! Amada Sogra!
Eu só penso em voltar!
Quero ficar nos teus braços
Tua terra é meu lar.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Call to Nature

Weep with me, heavens, for I am sad.
Let rain join with my tears.
Please, dear ground, bear me up.
As you have throughout the years.
Stars, if you can pierce the clouds,
Please give me hope and light.
Trees that stand erect and strong,
Please point me to the right.
The night is dark and taunting me.
The dawn obscures its face.
Sun, race to meet me at the morn!
Take me in your embrace!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Haunting Regret

I toss. I turn. I wrap myself
In my blankets, then kick them away.
I check my alarm clock in agony.
Only three hours 'til day.

I run my fingers through my hair,
My shoulders quivering in sweat.
A trail of tears descends my cheek.
The pain is real-the pain of regret!

The images I see at night,
The faces I see in the day,
The words that pierce like a knife-
The words that I never could say

They are haunting me! Stalking me!
There to terrorize me in the night!
Choking me! They're drowning me!
I can't erase them from my sight!

During the day I push it aside,
But the memory burns in my mind.
At every corner it haunts me.
I'd see it if I were blind!

As night approaches, I cringe inside
Knowing that the nightmare awaits me.
My pillow is cold, my blankets chill
Tell me! Will I ever be free?

The images materialize in the dark.
Looking at me with accusing eyes.
"LEAVE ME ALONE!" I scream.
But the past never really dies.

They close in, suffocating me
Leaving me with nowhere to hide.
The saddest emotion is not the guilt,
But the regret born from my pride.