Sunday, July 26, 2009


Just a small town in Ohio,
Hardly noticed by the world.
No mortal man could understand
What light would be unfurled.

The people here are searching
For the truth from up above.
And every day they plead and pray
That God would show His love.

And God in His great mercy
Sent His servants with His word.
No one can tell what joy was felt
When they saw their prayers were heard.

In a city called Kirtland
The veil of doubt was torn!
In a city called Kirtland,
Thousands were reborn!

Like a rush of mighty waters
Breaking through a dam,
The Lord poured revelation
Upon this spot of land!

In a city called Kirtland
Lived a prophet of the Lord!
In a city called Kirtland
Pure truth was restored!

No more lost in shadows,
God's light was plain for all to see!

Just a small town in Ohio,
But the people's prayers were heard.
It all began when just four men
Came to teach God's word.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

My Precious Flag

When I see her hoisted on a pole
My eyes quickly fill with tears.
This banner with its stars and stripes
Has long waved through the years.

Do not mock me that I cry,
For do you not understand?
That banner is much more than cloth--
It represents my land!

See those stars, those 50 stars?
They're 50 states united!
Never has a star been lost!
They've never been divided!

I think back on the moment when
There were 13 stars--no more.
When this precious flag was born
The country was at war.

But love for liberty prevailed!
How I wish that I could see
That day when it first flew o'er
The land of the brave and free!

This flag has seen so many wars
With bombs bursting all around.
But just like Key, we all can see
Each morn that flag's still found.

The white stripes ever shall be pure
And the red stripes never dim.
We persevere with help from God
For we rely on Him.

And so with tears, I touch my heart
As I see the banner soar.
I pray that God will bless this flag.
May it wave forevermore!