Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Child's Dream

A little boy watched the news
Then, terrified, went to bed.
And though he shut his eyes,
He saw wars inside his head.
He saw the hatred in men's eyes
He heard the people scream.
And as he tried to drown the sight
The boy began to dream.

He sat next to a waterfall
That formed a crystal pool
And people came from all around
As the air began to cool.
Each person dressed so differently
With eyes, hair, and skin diverse
But they all seemed to get along
And started to converse.

A feast was spread for all to eat
And the boy rushed to attend
No passports were required
For here each was a friend.
Their languages were different,
But their smiles were the same.
The laughter was contagious
For all of those who came.

After eating they played games
As their cultures were entwined.
The boy began to see the good
That lives in all mankind.
At last the people walked away,
They hugged and said goodbye.
The boy awoke, still in his bed.
Then smiling, gave a sigh.

The news no longer scared him,
There was something more to men.
And this boy just could not wait
To dream that dream again.