Sunday, June 21, 2009

Mankind's Search

We all are searching
From the day we came on earth.
Searching, seeking, exploring
The reason for our birth.

Yes, I think it's universal.
I doubt I'm the only one
Who's looking for fulfillment
Before my life is done.

Each time I find happiness
It seems to never last.
For a moment I'm content,
But that moment goes too fast.

Then the master trickster,
Who hides his hate and rage,
Tricks us with false pleasure
And traps us in a cage.

Wand'ring blindly, still we search
Trying everything that's new
But always feeling empty
Without the joy that's true.

How is it that we're stumbling?
How is it we've lost sight?
Why do we search in darkness
While before us there's a light?

Stop searching in the gutter!
The trash can't make you whole.
There's only one true source
That has pow'r to heal your soul.

I know the source of light and joy.
I know that it's the only one.
Now I can rest in peace, content.
My search at last is done.