Sunday, January 25, 2009


The preacher's words burned deep inside
As I listened to each sound.
He taught that families are eternal.
I rejoiced in what I found.

I rushed up to the men from God
And asked what I must do
To have this gift they promised me,
For I believed their words were true.

"You must be baptized," said the men,
"And receive the Holy Ghost.
We'll then seal you eternally
To the ones you love the most."

My spirits fell, I shed a tear,
For this gift could not be mine.
I could never be baptized.
I died in 1469.

"But there is hope," they said to me,
"If you believe our words are true.
In the temple, down on earth,
They can do this work for you."

With tears of joy I searched the earth
For a descendent who would go
To the temple with my name.
How my gratitude would show!

But I could not find anyone
Who would give some time for me.
They were so busy with their lives
That they couldn't hear my plea.

They used their cars to drive around
When on-line, they played a game.
But they would not drive to the temple,
Nor try to find my name.

Oh, mortal children, don't you know
How those things don't matter here?
I'm all alone and wait for you
To unite my family dear.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Summertime Youth

I wake in the morning to see the sunlight
Greeting me warmly on my still sleepy face.
I yawn and think of the things I'll do today.
Then I jump out of bed and race
To get dressed. There's so much to do!
Before I go outside my mom wants to read
The scriptures with us and sing some songs.
Then I'm out! The first thing that I need
To do is find the genie's magic lamp,
Stolen and hidden by thieves long ago.
My imagination takes me to Neverland,
Then Narnia, meanwhile defeating every foe.
After lunch my friend across the street
Comes to play. We try to reach the sky
While swinging on her swingset.
Then we count to three and jump and fly.
Later we run through the sprinkler.
I feel the cool water prick my warm skin
And stop only to hear the ice cream truck.
Then I run through the sprinkler again.
When my friend goes home I go inside.
"Mom, can I have a popsicle?" "Please?"
She reminds me. I reach into the cold freezer
Then I walk back outside where the bees
Are humming in the bright flowerbeds.
I grab my Legos left on the lawn
And place them in that miniature jungle -
Of course, once the bees are gone.
After dinner I grip the rubber handle
Of a baseball bat, with my dad two yards away.
He never lets me strike out. I run!
Baseball is such a fun game to play!
Later my siblings and I all play tag.
My brother's the best. He always wins.
TV tag, freeze tag, or just Hide 'n' Seek.
I count twenty, then the seeking begins.
We play until twilight brings the stars.
Venus is the first to take its normal place
In the sky. As I gaze at the stars I dream
Of one day being an astronaut in space.
With my dad at home, we read again
From the scriptures. I always choose
To sit where I can read the last verse.
It's a game I rarely lose.
When we get to bed my brother whispers,
"Scratch my back and I'll scratch yours."
"Ok!" I take of my shirt. He does the same.
Then across his back my hand soars.
When it's my turn, I feel his hand glide
Across my cool skin. Lying there, it seems
I'm soaring on the cool night's breeze.
I feel content. Just like in my dreams.
As I get back in my bed my mind is filled
With the things I want to do and play.
Ah! Summer! I love being young!
And tomorrow's a brand new day...

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Imagine Being the Angel

Imagine being the angel
That was sent by God's own word
To go unto Gethsemane
And comfort our dear Lord.
You come into the garden
And the Savior comes to view
And you realize when you see Him,
He's suffering here for you.

Oh, how you'd hurry to Him
And try to hush His fears!
You'd feel each cringe and shudder
You'd cry to see His tears.
Imagine seeing that precious blood,
The price to save your soul.
How much tighter you'd embrace Him
As He paid sin's heavy toll!

You'd feel so helpless as you hold Him
Since there's nothing you can do
But when the suff'ring's finally ended,
You'd sob, and whisper: "Thank you."
And then you'd have to leave Him
On the morrow He'll appear
And be with you in Paradise,
Triumphant Savior, dear.

Imagine being that angel
When you're sent to go and preach
To the spirits lost in darkness.
How differently you'd teach!
You'd bear your solemn witness
Of the Savior's love for men
You'd work all day with all your might
Till you embrace Him once again.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Separation of Church and State

This, our nation built on . . . beliefs,
Bought by blood of . . . -fearing, . . . men,
Saved by grace of the . . . ,
Changes its nature from what it was then.

All men are endowed by their . . .
This be our motto: In . . . is our trust
That this nation, under . . . perish not
One nation under . . . undivided
Thou shalt have no other gods before . . .
Thou shalt not profane the name of thy . . .

. . . be with us yet,
Lest we forget.

Forget what?

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Stone Rolls On

The stone goes forth along its path
Growing larger as it rolls
Its Maker is the Lord of all
Its purpose: to save souls

We push the stone along its course
And a prophet leads us on
We follow him with eager haste
Then in a flash, he's gone

Our Master called him back to push
The stone behind the veil
But Jesus won't abandon us
His work will never fail

He's raised another prophet up
To lead us towards the dawn
We follow him with eager haste
And still the stone rolls on.

Thursday, January 1, 2009


Joy of children, terror of drivers
Blanket of calm, sheet of fright
Slick for sledding, slick for crashing
Shines in the day, hidden by night
Fun results, tragic results
Perspective changes it all.