Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Name Tag

While looking for a matching sock
In the bottom of my drawer,
I came across my old name tag,
Then sat down on the floor.

I traced the letters of each word
With my finger as I thought
Of that first day I put it on.
What joy that day had brought!

I was so eager to go forth
And to preach the Gospel true.
There was no door I would not knock,
And nothing I'd not do.

Each morning when I put it on
I would smile at its shine.
My name tag was a symbol of
The calling that was mine.

When I came home so many nights,
I took off my tag, content.
I felt such joy as I had watched
The ones I taught repent.

But there were days I came back home
And took off that tag and sighed.
When people that I learned to love
Gave up, I often cried.

That name tag sat close to my heart
As I watched a change take hold,
Not only in the ones I taught,
But also in my soul.

I wore it to each baptism
And I wore it on each street.
I wore it as I served the Lord
And all whom I did meet.

I never can forget the day
When I took it off for good.
I sobbed as I was being released
More than I thought I would.

These memories came back to me
Of the tag I used to wear.
Once more I held it to my heart,
Then placed it back with care.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Alma's Prayer

O Father, hear Thy servant’s prayer
Thou hast placed a fam’ly in my care
I’ve done my best to teach Thy precious truth
I’ve taught my sons while in their early youth

Then Lord, what sorrow fills my heart
When I see my precious son depart
From all I’ve taught and wanted him to be
O Lord, I beg, please hear and answer me

I have taught him, I have warned
But in turn I’m only scorned
And he flees from home and all we have to give
So I come to Thee today
And with fervent heart I pray
May Thy Spirit touch my son that he may live

O Father, wise and great Thou art
At this moment canst Thou see my heart?
I’ve tried my best and don’t know what to do
O Lord, please help – for he is Thy son too

Right now he’s far away from home
And while he’s gone I feel so all alone
I have no pow’r to save my wand’ring son
But pow’r Thou hast through the Anointed One

Send Thy Spirit, Lord I pray
Help my son to see the way
Let the words I’ve taught sink deep into his heart
Help him know Thy words are true
Help him come Thy love to view
Lord, a portion of Thy love to him impart

O Father, now I close this prayer
And I trust my son into Thy care
I feel so weak and I can do no more
But trust in Thee and Thy sweet aid implore

And through the faith I have in Thee
I know my son will be brought home to me
Because I trust in Thy redeeming pow’r
That it can save my son in this dark hour

Lord, Thou knowest what I need
And on bended knee I plead
Take my son into Thy constant, loving care
I will love him, I will pray
Father, watch him every day
Hear Thy humble servant’s heartfelt, earnest prayer

I will love him, I will pray
Father, watch him every day
I will trust my son into Thy loving care

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Splash Mountain

Up a track, down a track
And getting slightly wet.
While leaning back, I look around
To see the southern set.

Down I go, gripping tight
Right after Brer Bear's cave.
The critters ask, "How d'ya do?"
For that's how they behave.

"Pretty good, sho's yer born,"
The critters answer back.
Brer Rabbit's nailed his door up tight;
He's gone and packed his sack.

Buzzing loud, bees fly high.
With smiles on ev'ry face,
The critters laugh here all day long
'Cause it's the Laughing Place!

But Brer Fox and Brer Bear
Are laughing loudly too.
They've got Brer Rabbit trapped and stuck
To make him rabbit stew.

"Please!" he cries. "Let me go!"
But vultures overhead
Imply, as I ascend a hill,
That he will soon be dead.

At the top, looking down,
The ride begins to slow.
The camera captures all my fright,
Then down the drop I go.

Down I plunge fifty feet!
I'm soaked by that steep dive!
But, "Zip-a-dee-do-dah!" I sing.
The thrill of being alive!

Now it's done. I get off.
What fun that ride had been!
Then eagerly I get in line
To ride the ride again.