Sunday, March 29, 2009

My Life is a Match

My life is a match, recently lit
With potential ever so bold.
I can become a forest fire
So glorious to behold,
Or I can light a candle
To guide you all about.
But I must decide quickly
Or soon I'll be burned out.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Innocence vs. Experience

A little lamb that’s blessed by God
Meanders by a shaded boy.
The church rings out with singing
And children’s souls feel joy.

But then a tiger burning bright
Devours the child as he cries.
The church is filled with orphans.
The chim’ney sweeper dies.

While innocence is on one hand,
Experience seems much more real.
For life is never simple.
Some wounds will never heal.

But innocence is not the same
As ignorance’s hollow shell.
For though there is a Tiger,
There’s still a Lamb as well.

The man who only sees the worst
Is ignorant—more than the rest.
Denying all life’s goodness,
He misses what is best.

There is no need to lose our faith
For soon an angel with a key
Will lock away our trials
And set our spirits free.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Lifeline

The dream I had was pleasant:
I was sailing on the sea.
But then my ship was sinking
And the water covered me.

"Wake up" I heard a voice say.
But being tired, I was slow.
I did not know my danger
As my eyelids drooped so low.

But when awake I panicked.
I was sinking in the sand!
My legs and waist were hidden
And I fought to free my hands.

Asleep, I did not notice
I was sinking way too fast.
But now my life was ending
And each breath could be my last.

But then I saw a lifeline!
I reached out to grab the rope.
I clutched it, holding tightly,
Knowing it was my last hope.

My freedom wasn't easy,
But at last I found dry ground.
If that rope had not been there,
Then I know I would have drowned.

I looked back at my lifeline,
Giving thanks with ev'ry breath
For he who'd placed the rope there
And had rescued me from death.