Friday, April 30, 2010


I remember now;
It's stirring deep within.
I'm changed somehow--
A rebirth, a new beginning.
Just a glance in his eyes
And then I realized
That the person who I thought had died
Was still the king inside!

Go ahead and mock, if you dare.
Reject me and scorn me. I don't care!
I have a quest I must heed,
And this time I'm bound to succeed!
I will not lose sight again!
I will not get lost, my friend!

Give me the impossible, I'll do it,
Breaking unbreakable walls!
Give me a crazy dream, I'll dream it,
As the sun gently falls.

Night is a time of darkness and terror.
The results of your dreams are hidden from view.
That's why at night I do my dreaming
And with the dawn my dreams come true!

It is my dream to change the world,
To fight for virtue, charity, truth!
So stack up the odds, I'll break them down!
I've reconnected with my youth!

From Avalon to Neverland
To this world where I live,
I'll keep my fire burning bright
And give all I can give.
I never need a mask again,
I will show I am a king.
For now I know all I can give
And the things I have to bring.

And someday when my time has come
And I have served faithfully,
I'll take my place with kings of yore,
Together for eternity.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Aslan's Eyes

My heart is pounding in my chest
To see the Lion's face.
I bow my head as I draw near,
Ashamed at my disgrace.
"I'm sorry that I failed," I said,
While staring at his paw.
But then he gently said, "Look up."
And this is what I saw:

I saw a little boy reach out
For his dad he could not see.
The trust he had was sweet and pure.
The boy I saw was me.
I saw this boy become a man,
Dedicating his whole soul
To serve his God and fellowmen.
It was his only goal.
I confess, it caught me by surprise
What I saw in Aslan's eyes.

"I do not see a failure, son,
When I look on you;
I see a child who's lost his way,
But searching for what's true.
I see a son with wings to soar,
But fearing to take flight."
I looked inside his eyes once more
And saw that he was right.

I saw myself for who I am
And all that I could be--
A servant sent to heal the world.
I saw God work through me.
I realized that I lost myself
When I tried to work alone.
But my potential grew so much
With God as my sure stone.
That was when I began to realize
Who I am in Aslan's eyes.

A child, a man, a beggar, a king
A doctor, a patient, or most anything.
I'm all these and more,
I can wear no disguise
When I look at myself
Through Aslan's eyes.

Sunday, April 4, 2010


The waves so gently roll along,
The fog is thick and dense.
I stare unblinking at the sea.
My feelings are intense.
And then at last the jagged cliffs
Appear before the dawn--
The island I've been searching for,
The Isle of Avalon.

When I land, Merlin's hand
Helps me to the sand.
We embrace, then I race
To seek Arthur's face.
I subside, slow my stride,
'Til I reach his side.

"My King, I feel ashamed to be
So close to you right now.
When I have lost the vision of
My call, my sacred vow.
Adrift so long and lost at sea,
I lost most everything!
I've forgotten who I am
And how to be a king.

But there you are, like a star,
Never drifting very far.
Though afraid, though betrayed,
You fought on in your crusade.
In the night, full of fright,
How could you not lose your sight?"

And the king replied,
"When the world was black and all things seemed broken,
There was one thing that would see me through:
In my heart I'd hear words my friends had spoken.
"Good must prevail! Sire, defend what's true!
Don't give up now! Arthur, that's not you!"

And I learned that a king wants to run and hide
This is a truth that can't be ignored.
He must search himself for his faith inside,
It takes more than strength to withdraw a sword.
Then you let that faith light a fire inside you,
Giving you strength to withstand the tide.
When you find that fire then you will be renewed.
At last all can see the king you are inside!"