Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Enemy

"I know thee, sir," I said to him
As the traveler passed me by.
"Thou art my greatest enemy."

And smiling, the man replied.
"'Tis you that art the enemy,"
He said and gave a grin.
"I follow you along your trail
Through dangers thick and thin."

"'Twas also you that steered me wrong!
'Til I finally saw the light."

"I steered thee to thy destiny
Down the path I knew was right."

"This shall end right here and now!"
I said, and grasped my sword.
It shone as lightning filled the sky.
I shouted. Thunder roared.

I charged at him, he seemed unarmed.
I stabbed him in his thigh.
A gash appeared upon my leg,
The thunder hid my cry.
I swung my sword and sliced his arm,
Then dropped my sword in pain.
I tried to use my other arm,
But the fight just seemed in vain.
I swung my sword and hit him true
And the pain went to my bone.
I dared not try to chop his head
For fear I'd lose my own.

"What sorcery is this?" I cried,
"For no matter what I do
I feel the pain of my own blow!"

"Because," he said, "I'm you.
I'm all the things that you could be
If you would just believe.
You say I am your enemy,
But sir, thou art deceived."

In disbelief I blinked my eyes
And saw in him my face.
In pain I dragged myself to him.
Ashamed at my disgrace.

"Please tell me, sir," I humbly begged,
"Can I ever right this wrong?"

"Build me up," this friend replied,
"And then thou wilt be strong."

I strove each day to build him up
And strength was built in me.
I saw myself for who I am:
My former enemy.
'Tis not the ones who gather 'round
And taunt me 'til I fall.
'Tis in my power to decide
To give them heed at all.

"Oh, Build me up!" the soul cries out
"Oh, build me! I implore!"
Bind it up and be its friend
And enemies no more.