Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Dream

In a deep December slumber
As I rested in my bed
I had a Christmas vision
That awoke inside my head.

There I saw the lowly stable
And the star's glow up above.
I knew that in a manger
I'd find the God of Love.

I fondly gazed upon that manger.
No throne could hold more glory.
My eyes shed such grateful tears
For this precious Christmas story:

That a Heavenly King was born
In flesh to save my soul.
That he who healed the deaf and blind
Would also make me whole.

"My Lord inside a crib of wood,
So tiny and so frail,
You clutch your mother's finger.
That hand will clutch a nail.

You were born and placed on wood.
On wood you'll also die.
Just as you wept upon your birth
On a cross you'll also cry."

I wept and thanked the humble Babe
For all that He would do,
For all the pain He'd suffer
To save and make me new.

My grateful tears ran down my face
As I watched the dream subside.
Then looking from my bed, I saw
My Savior at my side.