Tuesday, May 31, 2011

For Cindy

Every time we see
A young and happy child,
We will always think of you
And always see your smile.
The children were your joy.
Oh, how you loved them so!
So we will also love them
And radiate your glow.

We will hold on to your mem’ry.
We will keep it burning bright.
We will keep you with us,
Though you’re gone from our sight.

In each thing we do
We won’t be far apart
For when we are together,
We’ll keep you in our hearts.
We never can forget
The time we got to share,
We’ll always stay united
And always show we care.

Though you’ve passed beyond our vision,
In our hearts you’re still alive.
For there we keep a shrine for you,
Where our love will always thrive.

Cindy, mother, aunt,
Daughter, sister, friend,
We will always honor you,
And your memory defend.
We’ll give as you gave,
We’ll help each one in need
To show how much you blessed us
In thought and word and deed.

No, we never will forget you;
Nor the person that you’ve been.
We’ll keep alive your goodness
‘Til we see you once again.

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