Friday, November 5, 2010

Diverging Roads

When I left you, I had told you
I’d return soon and I’d be true.
And as time passed, hope would still last
That my road would lead back to you soon.
From afar off I would miss you
And I’d long to just be near you.
And I waited, anticipated,
While I’d gaze and I’d sigh at the moon.

But despite what I said,
I chose something instead
That took me much farther from you.
Though you’re still on my mind
In deep anguish I find
My life took a turn and despite what I yearn,
The promise I made can’t come true!

Is this it, then? Must I leave you?
It’s the hardest thing I must do!
I will treasure our time together
And the place that you have in my heart.
In the silence I am crying
While my heart is still denying
Our dream must die as life goes by
And our paths are now doomed to depart.

Though it tears me inside,
These paths can’t coincide
And so I must leave on my way.
Still I pray you’ll forgive
And as long as you live
You’ll never forget our sweetest duet.
For I shall still sing it each day.

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